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Homeopathic farm services

Supporting farmers to improve the health of their animals.

Expert advice

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Natural Animal Health Products

With a wide range of products we can help with your animal health needs. 

Our Herbal Digestive Drench is now a go to for our customers to assist with lowering fecal egg count in a wide range of animals.

Call us to discuss you animal health needs.

About Us

We provide quality homeopathic products and professional information, education, guidelines and support in the safe and effective use of homeopathy.

A large percentage of conventional farmers use homeopathy successfully for animal health in their farming operation. Homeopathy is the main tool for the Certified Organic farmers with animal health. 

Dairy farmers and a significant number of sheep and beef producers use homeopathy (exclusively or along with veterinary medicine) due to the success they have experienced using homeopathy to improve and maintain the health of their animals and the productivity of their farms.

Why farmers choose us

Homeopathic Farm Services is a unique business delivering great service to all our livestock, whether it be Cows, Calves, Sheep, Beef, Horses, Goats, Pigs, Dogs or Cats we service them all. We are in Hamilton and send out our products via the courier to all over New Zealand.

Homeopathy is another tool in your kit to be able to utilise for animal health purposes. Its main principle is “like cures like”. It has been around since the 1800’s and is an energy based therapeutic system of health. Homeopathy looks to support animals around calving, kidding, lambing, lactation, drying off, transportation, mental/emotional, behavioural or any other health aspect can be supported with Homeopathy.

Our Homeopathic products are of the highest standard as we are BioGro registered. We make our own organic Natural Teat Conditioner that has proven to be a winner with farmers.


Expert advice

Homeopathic Farm Services offer an informed choice when using homeopathy for your livestock by identifying the symptoms in your animals to match a homeopathic product.


We're farmers too

We have trained Homeopaths who have a great knowledge of farming and understanding animal habits, this coupled with a help desk to support clients and their questions, we are literally a phone call away.


We give back

It is in our best interest to increase farmer/client knowledge on the benefits of Homeopathy; a better understanding leads to people selecting the right Homeopathic product for our four-legged friends.

We offer webinars, on farm training or group training.

Our vision

To provide a natural alternative for animal and human health, that encompasses the holistic approach to everyday health challenges.


We provide Dairy & Dry stock farmers

  • Telephone Help desk

  • Homeopathic products

  • Information Pack

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Laminated Calendar and Reference Sheets

  • Books

  • Herbal AB (a herbal tonic and immune support product)

  • Natural Teat Conditioner

  • Herbal Digestive Drench

  • Annual representation at National and Regional Field Days

  • On farm seminars

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