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Organic Farming

All our products are BioGro New Zealand Ltd certified.

We're certified as an input for organics

What is the difference between organic and certified organic?

Certified organic products have been checked, audited and certified by a trusted certification agency like BioGro and Asure Quality.

In New Zealand, you can’t trust an organic product as authentic unless it has a certification logo like the BioGro logo on the packaging.

All our products are certified as an input for organics and can be used in certified organic production

All HFS Limited livestock homeopathic products are manufactured and sold according to MPI guidelines and are certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products.

BioGro is officially recognised by the MPI as a third party agency for organic certification and is internationally accredited.

BioGro certification guarantees that a product is made without animal testing, genetic modification and the routine use of synthetic pesticides. It is the mark of a genuine organic product.

Homeopathic Farm Services COR Certificate 2023-24

This letter confirms that the listed products / services are enrolled in BioGro’s input certification programme and they are approved for use in organic production or food processing under COR standards. 

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