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Agri Homeopathy

We are offering the full range of Camilla Sherr AgriHomeopathy products

Camilla Sherr has been a Homeopath for 23 years and has recently started treating plants, from gardens to farms.  Her experience has led her to develop a range of combination products to assist with various stages of plant growth.  We are fortunate to be able to pass on her experience through the product range that she has developed.

Healthy soil is essential for plant growth.  Plants require a combination of nutrients that over time can be depleted from the soil.  Balanced soil is a combination product that includes many elements commonly found in the soil.  This is applied once (normally at the beginning of the growing season) to the soil to encourage the availability of these elements.

Homeopathic Seedling is a combination of Silica and Arnica that is applied to your seedlings once, during the growing season.  This is used to encourage strong seedling growth.  Simply add Homeopathic Seedling to water in the supplied mist spray bottle and spray on the plant and surrounding soil.

Root growth is the key to a strong, healthy plant.  Homeopathic Rooted is a combination of Arnica, Phos acid, Thuja and Silica.  Use this combination when sowing seeds to encourage strong healthy roots.  Soak seeds for 2-3 hours (or ideally overnight) in water with rooted added to the water.  For smaller seeds, add to the supplied mist spray bottle as directed and spray the seeds prior to covering with soil and watering in.

Once your plants are growing, they need to continue to have a supply of nutrients available for optimum growth.  Grow Well has combined 12 homeopathic products to assist the plants to absorb these from the soil.  Use this once a month (once a week at most) to assist strong growth. 

For plants that flower, Bloom is the product that can assist in achieving maximum flowers.  The product combines Phosphorus and Arnica.

You can also add this product to the water for cut flowers to assist with maintaining blooms.

For plants that are struggling with growth, Plant Tonic, a combination of 6 homeopathic products is the one to choose.  This product is also used to boost plants that have suffered due to overbearing.

Using the supplied mist spray bottle, add to water and spray the plant and surrounding soil.


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