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Small Animal Health

Consultations are available Monday to Friday or by prior arrangement.

Homeopathy for small animals

What happens in a Consultation?

The homeopath will take all aspects of the animal into consideration, recording their specific characteristics. Along with the presenting complaint, the animal’s particular food and thirst preferences, sleep habits, behavioural traits and preferences are taken into account allowing the homeopath to address the animal as a ‘whole’ rather than just treating an individual ailment.

An initial homeopathic consultation can take up to an hour and a half.

Contact is maintained by the homeopath so they are able to assess how the animal is responding to the remedy choice and to make adjustments if needed.

Your observations of your animal during this time helps the homeopath to monitor the animals’ progress and allows you to be a part of the journey. Occasionally there may appear to be an intensification of symptoms as the body attempts to regain balance. This means the body is nudging the immune system toward recovery.

If at any time you are concerned about any changes taking place, please make contact with your homeopath to discuss these.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy was founded in 1790 by German physician Samuel Hahnemann.

The name homeopathy comes from the Greek homeo meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering.

The law of similars is a fundamental principle on which homeopathy is based. In other words like cures like.

Homeopathy seeks to re-balance in accordance with natural laws of healing and uses substances from the mineral, animal and plant kingdoms to make remedies.

Homeopathy works on the principle of the minimum dose which essentially means that only the minimum amount of a homeopathic remedy is needed to stimulate a gentle and effective self-balancing response.

The totality of symptoms and individualization of the client is another important principle of homeopathy. This means that everyone is unique and the remedy must be tailored to the individual on all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally.


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